Active Learning Classrooms: From Piloting to Practising

What is the PALS project?

The initial Piloting Active Learning Spaces (PALS) project lead the development of world-class learning environments at UNSW.  PALS produced a series of prototype spaces at selected UNSW venues for UNSW staff and students to use. These spaces facilitate active, collaborative and blended learning; support innovation in learning and teaching; and enable good pedagogic practices. 

Academic staff volunteered to teach in these PALS prototype spaces, and were then be asked to share their experiences with the PALS project team. Their input contributed to the ongoing development of current and future learning spaces at UNSW. This multidisciplinary approach positions UNSW at the forefront of learning space development in Australia.

Following the conclusion of the PALS project in Semester 1 2016, the iniative has moved into the Practising Active Learning (PALs) stage.

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UPDATE: Read more about the findings of the PALS project

PALS project aims

The PALS initiative aimed to:

  • identify spaces and technologies that best support the UNSW curriculum model 
  • create and test effective and integrated support services that support active learning
  • build active, collaborative and blended learning capacity through learning spaces development and implementation
  • respond to students’ perceptions and experiences of active, collaborative and blended modes of learning
  • address scalability issues across space planning and management, scheduling and availability, technologies, educational and academic development
  • develop design principles and standards and service delivery models for learning spaces and associated technologies

Current project status

The first two prototype spaces have been evaluated in Semester 1 2016. Both spaces are in the Mathews building and have capacity for 42 students.

A report on the findings from this initial pilot stage can be found here.

In Semester 2 2016, the newly constructed interactive active learning space, Mathews 102, with a capacity of 84 students, will be the subject of a space evaluation.

Need more information?

For more information on the PALS project, or to register your interest in teaching in our new pilot spaces, please contact Courtenay Atwell or call 9385 4997. 

The PALS initiative developed out of the Learning Spaces Project.