A day in the life

It’s 930am. I’m on a bus heading to UNSW, frantically trying to prep for or my 10.30am business ethics class. Luckily most of my course materials are on theBox, which I can log into using my phone. I also need to flick through some MOOCs-style videos my tutor recommended, as well as complete a pre-class online quiz. I’m going to be pushing it for time. The bus arrives just as I finish the quiz, and I dash to The Place, UNSW Business School’s flipped learning classroom, getting there just in time. Today’s class is a business ethics simulation, which involves a live link through to some Harvard Publishing multi-group, dynamic simulation software, accessed through the Moodle LMS. 

After my first class, I scoff some lunch before heading to the large tiered lecture theatre in the Law Faculty. I settle in to hear a tech-talk from an ex Microsoft VP who is visiting UNSW Engineering. Next, I catch up with my Business Case Competition team. Two members are on campus; the others are at Berkeley and UCLA. We access a group Skype session through the publicly available large monitors adjacent to the UNSW Library.

Today’s a long day for me – at 6pm I drop into the Innovation Hub for a quick meeting with some classmates I’m working on an R&D robotics project with. Engineering and business students share the incubator, which is an amazing space for collaborative work. Afterwards, it’s time to head to a friend’s place for an evening study session. I have an assignment to get through, which means I’ll need to access Moodle remotely. I jump on the bus and flick through a UNSW Business School Pulse video, before I give in to the lure of my Facebook and Twitter feeds. I update my status on Facebook with a whinge about the Basser Steps – seriously, how can UNSW invest so much in its facilities but still inflict those steps on students?