Welcome to UNSW Learning Environments

The UNSW Learning Environments team is responsible for planning, designing and delivering world-class learning and teaching environments at UNSW. We are committed to developing and maintaining flexible, vibrant and dynamic environments that make an important contribution to UNSW life.

The Learning Environments team supports students, staff and the UNSW 2025 vision. To do so, we deliver three key services to the UNSW community:  

  • Audio visual and technical support
  • Scheduling – timetabling and bookings
  • Planning and development of UNSW learning environments

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Global educational context 

The rapid growth of technology has created innovative and exciting opportunities for the higher education sector. Active, collaborative and student-centred educational practices are replacing ‘chalk and talk’. Learning is becoming blended across both physical and digital spaces. As such, the design, implementation and support of technology-rich physical spaces, together with leading-edge online technologies, play an important role in achieving high quality educational outcomes.  

Learning environments at UNSW 

The Learning Environments unit has a central role in the physical and digital integration of learning and teaching spaces at UNSW. It plays an important role in the successful delivery of University programs and courses, on campus and online. The continuous development of our services and infrastructure is key to UNSW’s outstanding learning and teaching outcomes. At Learning Environments, we strive to provide configurable, future-focused spaces underpinned by leading edge technologies that are responsive to UNSW’s current and future needs.

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