Wireless Microphones

In all CATS teaching spaces where lecture recording is available, the room will be fitted with a Shure wireless radio microphone receiver. Each lecture theatre has its own operating frequency, which is displayed on a small orange or newer silver sign on the lectern. 

To set the operating frequency in your teaching space, please read the CATS Radio Microphone User Guide.  Please remember to turn your transmitter off when leaving the theatre.

Purchasing information 

Faculties and teaching staff are able to purchasing or replace wireless radio microphones for use in Learning Space theatres.  Using the same brand of radio receiver will ensure a consistent user experience across UNSW.

The following equipment is currently in use in UNSW teaching spaces:

•Receiver (in theatre) Shure SLX4 (L4)

•Transmitter (lecturer) Shure SLX1 (L4)

•Microphone (required with the transmitter) Shure WL185 lapel or headset microphone Shure WH30TQG

To purchase additional or replacement equipment, please contact UNSW’s preferred supplier:

Contact: Alice Bohdan 

Email: unsw@soundcorp.com.au 

Tel: 02 8596 5855 or 0438 100 443 

NSF Vendor ID: 51908

Read more about Shure wireless radio microphones.   

Need more information?

For enquires regarding the use or purchase of these microphones, please contact the Learning Spaces AV team